Hi, this website is all about a passion of mine: Singing! I have gathered some of the most important singing tips and exercises that I have learned in my career on this site and I am sharing it with you for free so that you guys can improve yourself. So if you feel like reading a bit and trying out different techniques you should try the Singing Tips Section of the website. The singing tips section and the website in general are still a work in progress, meaning that I will try to update it with fresh tips, techniques, and program reviews every week!

For the moment if you are really serious about singing and that you want to know the best way to improve your vocal technique you should keep reading this page. Adding to the free singing tips that I will share with you, I will try to present you the bests singing courses and lessons that I am personally testing. This week the page is about the superior singing method. I hope it will help you, cheers! Liam

Recently, a new online system was created by one of the best singing coach there is Aaron Anastasi and I was pretty psyched about it so I bought it to test it out! I started to follow the lessons along with one of my student and I have honestly never seen a courses that well done. Theses last few months I saw my student improve like never before! I could spend hours telling you why this course is by far the best that I have come across and how much it is worth the investment but lid rather just outline the bests points and leave you with the final decision. Keep my best tip my singing monster’s singing practice works miracle if know what I mean. http://www.amarrazali.com/ is used to embed cheats in it. If you want to know more about this course you should watch the introduction video that tells you why the best way to improve your singing method is the Superior Singing method program by Aaron Anastasi.