Telecommunications services are those that are supplied by a communications company which offers data and voice services over a region or country. The most typical type of telecoms service is telephone service, which is performed on a wired or wireless standard. Other services might include Internet, TV, and Internet networking for companies and homes. These solutions may not be available in all regions or from all businesses. The pricing points for various services vary widely and may differ for residences and businesses. While telecoms services used to mean merely a landline telephone, the choices are more diverse. While some provide both landlines and wireless service, usually the firms involved with both of these various services are very distinct, and in direct competition with each different.

Now, several other telecoms providers provide basic voice packages which may include 3 way calling, call waiting, and caller ID. These solutions may cost extra money, or could be included at no extra charge, depending upon the package provided by local telecoms firms. The advent of the Internet offered another sort of telecoms service for companies to reap the benefits of. Previously, people used voice lines to transmit information via a dial-up process. Since the capacity and solutions online expanded, telecoms firms began to update networks, installing fiber optics together with other equipment required to link users to the Internet at greater speeds.

Broadband access to the internet is now probably the most famous telecoms services. The pricing points for telecoms solutions will differ by one area to another, and might depend on how numerous different services one purchases. Companies provide discounts on combo packages where mobile, internet and TV connection is billed together. The wireless industry is the biggest thread to the telecom sector. The numbers are even greater in many European countries.

Telecom Industry has got hit by internet connectivity means lately this decade mainly by internet based messaging service which provide free voice calling over internet connection. This has hit the main market of telecom where users spent money for calling and text messages. Some telecom businesses have targeted these internet based messaging service by unfair means like Viber a messaging application which accounts for over 28% of text messages has been hit by its hack scandal. Where people use to get into their system and view other people’s private messages and media files. Many users have lost their precious private data to strangers. These users also include celebrities and actresses who’s personal photos have been leaked online. Viber has promised to take stop the viber hacker program of ____ but months have passed and the hacking program is functioning well.