There are many Ways to save messages, group conversations, media and the entire chat history on WhatsApp. For all those that know very little about how the phone stores all of your WhatsApp chat history and conversations, messages are automatically saved and backed up on your phones internal memory. Nevertheless, WhatsApp periodically runs a Google Drive backup for Android users. Meaning, WhatsApp uses your Google Drive cloud storage to save your entire chat history including contact/group conversations, photos and videos. Thats how all of your chat history is restored automatically whenever you begin using WhatsApp on a brand new smartphone. This leaves a big hole for hackers at to hack users data from their server and display these important and personal data to restricted persons.

Therefore, if a person changes to a brand new Android phone, all of their messages can be restored without much hassle. Open WhatsApp, go to Settings then Chats then Chat backup. But remember, this backup will be created on your phone’s internal storage. Therefore, if you lose, change or factory reset your phone, your WhatsApp messages will cease to exist. In that case, you may opt for Google Drive cloud storage backup and set up a frequency. Choose the network preference for backing up your WhatsApp data. All you have to do open WhatsApp chat window you want to export and tap the More options icon at the top right corner then More after that Email chat following Select if you want to Attach Media.

The way to delete your WhatsApp account forever. If you’re a Windows Mobile Phone user, you can salvage your WhatsApp chat history to Microsofts OneDrive cloud storage. To set it up, heres the procedure that follows. Ensure you’ve Windows Mobile Phone 8.1 or later running on your device ensured both your phones internal storage and OneDrive accounts has connection. Once you’ve videos or not, backup frequency and network taste for backing up your WhatsApp chats data enough memory, you can proceed further.

Open WhatsApp and Tap the more options icon the go to settings and then chats and calls following backup. Choose whether you want to include your WhatsApp conversations are stored on your Windows Phones internal storage. If you want to perform a manual backup, go to WhatsApp and then Tap the more options icon after settings following chats and calls. All of your WhatsApp conversations are stored on your Windows Phones internal storage.