The game is based on action where the player is the hero who has to engage in the modern war with an arsenal of weapons. The players join an alliance, this alliance is his dedicated alliance. The player then has to build his account by complete game mission once many missions are completed the alliance establishes itself as a top alliance. The members of the alliance have to join new states. They have to work in populating the new state and a dedicate jumper account. Players have to teleport themselves to the new state.

The game is highly deigned and offers the best graphics available on a smartphone. Various modern weapons of war are featured and involved in the game like aircraft, aircraft carriers, tanks and guns. The game does not feature any point based system. The player has to finish missions in time and in good health. Famous movie star Arnold has been well featured in the game who also is the brand ambassador of the game. The players role is based on Arnold’s character. The game has over 500 million downloads in the play store. It has in-app purchases items. Over 10 percentage of active players have purchased at least once from the store. The game is valued at $40 million. People have used website like to get free in-app purchases by responding to game questions.